Friday, March 30, 2012

Brady, 2012 Senior Model

This is Brady. You can tell instantly just by looking at this kid.. he is a GREAT kid! He was my guy model rep for RHS class of 2012, and another outstanding student & athlete. He had a great year with good enough grades to get accepted to BYU, and also excelled at football and wrestling. He is super fun to tease, and I may or may not have done a lot of that. I am really proud of all his hard work.

Congrats Brady!

Cassidy, Class of 2012

Meet another wonderfully, talented, and gorgeous one of my Senior Models. This girl is one that everyone knows around her school, if not for her sweet & friendly to all personality... then for her athletic abilities and somewhat of a celebrity status. She has had an awesome year with her volleyball & basketball seasons, and what a great way to end off her Senior year than with an allstate opportunity. She was really excited to get accepted to BYU, and I am positive no matter where she goes she will always be one that is in the top of it all. SUCH a darling girl.

Congrats Cassidy!!

Preston, Class of 2012

This kid could seriously have a modeling career, as you can see. He is such a natural poser, and his facial features are well.... HOT! It's ok for me to say that right!?! He also is a little walking miracle, and I am so grateful I got to even have the opportunity to help him celebrate and document his Senior year. Less than a year ago, he was laying in ICU and the future of his life wasnt looking bright. He gave all of us a scare, and despite a broken back and head injuries he is living a full and happy life. He even finished his Senior year wrestling, and finished out the year taking 2nd at State. Like I said he is evidence of a miracle.

Congrats Preston!~

McKenzie, Class of 2012

Meet McKenzie AKA Kenzie. She was one of my EHS Senior Models this year and as you can see she totally lived up to the "model" part. She is so much fun, sweet, and I am kind of bias towards her because she also is my #1 babysitter and my kids love her. We will be sad to see her leave us as she heads off to sunny California to nanny for some very lucky kids out there. Congrats Ms. Kenzie!

Friday, February 24, 2012

My new lifes motto....

I have heard some wonderfully encouraging thoughts and amazing new ideas that I am so excited to implement to this business in 2012.

Something to think about every morning when you get out of bed....

"What you do today is important, because you are exchanging a day in your life for it."

And.. how can we talk about life and not have pictures of where life begins.

I just LOVE this words of wisdom I received today from the amazing Sandy Puc.
The darling hats are from (  Check her out!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Look at this little sweetie

Some Favs from 2011

We just had a really fun contest over on my facebook page with a bunch of my favorite pics from my 2011 sessions. I awarded prizes to my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners as well as gave away a 50% off gift certificate to one lucky fan! Such a fun week. You will want to make sure you are a fan on facebook because I do giveaways often because I enjoy them,
and I love to show appreciation to all my customers. 
If you want to see all the contest photos go to my facebook page and view the album.  
Here are the winners. 
1st Place: Kristi Ellis and her darling family.  
They won a free 16X20 canvas of their picture of choice.
2nd Place: Darling Landry 
They won a $25 print credit.

3rd Place: Cassidy 
She won a free 8X10